Tony Camaro is Ego-less

Last week, I gave Tony Camaro a call over FaceTime, after watching my computer bug out and distort my voice to sound like Zordon from Power Rangers. Although the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching on COVID, Tony has found this last year full of time to focus up on his work and re-engage with his art. Tony is multidisciplinary, multifaceted, and living on the border of the sublime. His face is light, calm, and alert; the room behind him: bright and airy.

Tony's art bounces from moments of sharp, clever cinematography to advertise incense sticks, to distinct pop-art that blends the mindfulness of Warhol and the familiarity of a coke jingle. The imagery he creates ranges from recreations of stills from his favorite foreign films to cartoons to still shots to minimal re-imaginings of his daily mood board he keeps up religiously on his Instagram. As we discussed the musings of the reality of art and creators, I rapidly became aware that while art obviously has much more tangible aspects, the intertwining of success and the ego is something we come to accept with the flaunting on the Gram.